Empros lines

Empros lines is a first class shipping company with principal place of business in Athens. It runs several liner services, specialised in the carriage of conventional shipments of all kinds of cargoes.
Greece:  Subject to sufficient inducement, the main Greek ports of Piraeus, Eleusis and Thessaloníki and also  the ports of Volos, Chalkis, Stavros, Moudania etc are regularly linked to the continent. A service continuously operated since many decades..
Turkey – Marmara Sea: Every 15 days, our vessels sail to the main Turkish ports in the sea of Marmara, such as Diliskelesi, Derince and Gemlik. Provided sufficient cargo is available, the ports of Izmir, Aliaga, Istanbul and Ambarli may be included in the service.
 Egypt, South Turkey:  With scheduled sailings every two weeks, the ports of Alexandria, Port Said West and Damietta in Egypt, and the ports of Mersin and Iskenderun in South Turkey are regularly being called.
Tunisia, Algeria: Subject to inducement, we can call Sousse, Sfax, Tunis and Bizerte in Tunisia and Oran, Tenes, Bejaia, Djen Djen and Annaba in Algeria.
Israel, Cyprus: Once a month, we offer a sailing to Ashdod and Haifa in Israel, and Limassol and/or Larnaca in Cyprus.

== All other Mediterranian and Black Sea ports on inducement basis ==


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